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Seattle Symphony

by Joe McPhee

  • Vinyl LP

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Side A: For Bill Dixon
First Movement
1. A Quantum Singularity
Second Movement
2. If I Had Drunk an Entire Bottle of Scotch, I Still Wouldn't Have Understood a Fucking Thing You Said
Third Movement
3. Counterflow

Side B: For Fred Anderson
Fourth Movement
1. Visionary Heart Song
Fifth Movement
2. Closing Time
Sixth Movement
3. Evocations / Variations on a Prayer

Recorded by Joe McPHee, Saturday August 14th, 2010

Produced by Joe McPhee and Graham Lambkin
Mastered by Gisueppe Ielasi
Front cover photo by Tom Lambkin
Rear Cover photo by Nuno Martins
Layout by Matthew Revert

Publishing and Copyright 2017 Kye Records


released June 10, 2017



Joe McPhee Poughkeepsie, New York


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